About us
Who we are

Nvision is a German owned and managed, integrated developer, installer, investor and operator of solar power plants. Simply put, from the first plan, to completion of construction and then for 25 years or more of operation, we do it all. We have a decade of experience in this.

We believe in simple solutions and clear, straightforward business. Our contracts follow transparent industry standards. Our technology is tried and tested. Our value proposition to you is simple and solid.

Our business is guided by a few simple but powerful concepts. Have a look at them below.

Energy that pays
Our solar energy solutions pay for themselves. They deliver energy that is cheaper than the energy you buy from the grid or get from your on-site generator. We guarantee this.

When we sell you a solar plant, we make sure the investment pays for itself.

Energy that works
Our solar energy solutions are tested, reliable and secure. When we sell you energy under an SLA, there is no investment and no risk for you. We undertake all investments, installation, maintenance and servicing work. When we sell you a solar plant, it comes with comprehensive warranties and free lifetime monitoring by us.

Energy that fits
We design our solar plants to fit your needs. We offer solutions from simple on-grid systems, through battery-powered partial back-up systems to fully autonomous "island" systems. Our plants' peak-power output and total energy production are carefully matched to your needs and integrated on-site.

Our promise to you
We help you reduce your energy expenses through clean, on-site solar production. We guarantee that our solar solutions will pay for themselves.